Russell Johnson@ 01:15 06-04-2014
Owner of a 1969 XR-7, 428CJ Q-Code, Triple Black.
kjell egil waaler@ 00:18 18-03-2014
I have a 67 xr7manual tree speed. the car has bin in the american ambassadorservice to 1982. I am ovners nr 3. I wonder how meny cars with this spesial thing bin sold ?
l. jONES@ 21:20 04-03-2014
Need location of the VIN number on my 1972 Mercury Cougar.Has after market dash and plate on drivers door is damaged. Where would the number be engraved on the car? Thanks
Kym@ 04:55 24-01-2014
Hi, just recentley bought a 1970 couger XR7 ( Yes in Aussi they were sold as a FORD MERCERY COUGER) can any one tell me what the plate id means?
OF93H521*** 65B K 124
Robert Pittman@ 01:37 09-01-2014
Hi. Love this website. Keep up the great work.

I have a 68 XR7 GT and you have shed a great deal of light on this model.

It started life in Vancouver, British Columbia and has made its way all across Canada to beautiful St. John's, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Thanks so much!
Arturo Angeles@ 04:41 30-11-2013
Today I bought a 1970cougar xr7, with a 351c 4v, tomorrow i will start the come back of this beautiful beast!, wish me luck!.
john flavell@ 10:50 22-10-2013
thanks from downunder for a great site!
my father in law is selling his 67 and your site filled in many blanks that the marti report left out. check our photos and enjoy!
Robert@ 06:00 01-10-2013
Looking at the information on your site in Cougar wrecks 1970 there is a car that appears to have a sun roof patch and two colours of paint, it might be 0F91M514904 and looks like it is being worked on. Do you know how I might contact the owner?
mike vanvolkenburgh@ 12:39 05-02-2013
i gust bought a 1968 couger xr7 and low and behold its on you website can i get a copy of pitchers 22-26 in you couger wrecks 1968 1 and i will send you pitchers of it when i am dun fixing it up thank you
Steven Quay@ 03:36 09-10-2011
Love the John Elliot Cougar page. Me and my father Bill Quay restored that car. It took 5 1/2 years and $32,000 with over 110 N.O.S. parts on it.
Clayton@ 22:45 20-08-2011
You have a picture of my 1968 Calypso Coupe, circa 2001, sweet.
stan@ 18:03 07-06-2011
Would any parts be available from any of cars shown?
thanks for the help. Any one know of such for 1967 xr7
Tom@ 13:59 03-09-2010
Very nice site, lots of information !
keep up the good work !

i'm restoring a 70 XR7 at this moment, i hope to get it finished in 6 months from now ( been working on it for more then a year by now )

Greets from belgium
1BADCAT@ 02:02 23-07-2010
Great site, you should include a list of credits for where you got some of your pictures. i would like to have some for my collection and for my screen saver. I can see you not wanting to share your own personal pictures, but the ones you got from archives, books and other sources should be available for all to copy and share.
Leon@ 00:33 30-12-2009
Great site - lots of information

BTW - most people don't know that outside the US the Cougar was sold as a Ford Mercury Cougar

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