DMH@ 06:36 14-07-2016
Thank you for allowing me to wallow in all this great information. My dad, to my then astonishment, bought a '70 XR7, automatic, black, vinyl roof, red pin stripes, wire wheels, burgundy interior. It was my dream car. It's wonderful to see them live on.

Kudos to Ford for bringing back sequential turn signals. (Mustang)
IQ@ 09:38 13-06-2016
I am trying to locate my father's original 1969 XR7 Convertible. I have the VIN number but because it is in the old format I am having trouble finding it. Any ideas?
Replied on: 14:03 11-10-2016

Hello IQ,

Ask at on

Stephan@ 09:33 08-04-2016
Thank you for all this work,I really appreciated reading it all.
Replied on: 21:15 12-05-2016

Thank you Stephan!

Dana@ 04:53 08-04-2016
On the starting page it states that Cougars used T-Bird taillights. That is not correct. Cougars used their own distinctive taillights. 67' Shelby Mustangs used 67-68 Cougar taillights while the 69-70 Shelby Mustangs used T-Bird taillights.
Replied on: 21:16 12-05-2016

Hello Dana,

Thank you, i will look at it!

richard miller@ 07:53 14-03-2016
Looking for clean project car 1967 1968 4spd car would be nice but not to picky at this point thanks 778-255-0915
Kali@ 15:59 29-12-2015
I'm look at these 1968 mercury cougar xr7 wrecks how can I get intouch with some of these I see on photos to purchase one of these cars?
chris st peter@ 02:46 02-12-2015
I am looking for a 68 cougar project car come you send price list and pictures of the cars
Sam Davis@ 19:34 20-10-2015
I would love to rebuild a 1968 cougar. I am new to this would and am looking for something that isn't completely covered in rust. I don't need a motor since would like to drop a ford create motor in it but do need to find a body and everything else I like how the XJ7 looks with the hood scoop. please let me know if you have a good starting place for me.
Replied on: 21:19 12-05-2016

Hello Sam,

You can look on for nice projects.

Patrick Gillis@ 21:34 11-09-2015
This is Patrick again. I had the Marti report run and though it was one of only 34 ordered in this configuration, there is no more information on the brass plate. It remains a mystery. Someone is coming to look at it Sunday. I need the money and have exhausted all avenues so I will let it go if he brings cash. I hate to have no idea what it means. If anyone on here has any ideas, I'm wide open.
Replied on: 19:41 20-09-2015

Hello Patrick,

That's nice to hear. Maybe if you call Marti and ask them, they can tell you more if you have a special order.
Would you like it if I place photo's of the car on my site?

Ford mercury cougar XR7 team

Gord Howard@ 19:00 03-09-2015
Great site - a wealth of information for everyone for the novice to the expert in all things Cougar ! Here's my dilemma : I had ordered a complete one car take-off Speed Control System for my 1969 Cougar XR-7 ( a San Jose "S" model ) from Florida. Wouldn't you know it, the tracked and insured box was stolen on the day it was scheduled for delivery to me. I'm devastated. Does anyone reading this, or visiting this site have access to another complete system, already removed / stored or on a donor/parts car ? I received the insurance pay-out for the loss, and I really would like to find another system. I will pay the current market price for such a rare item ( 1500 - 2000 dollars ). Any help or leads would greatly be appreciated !
Regards to all who wish to preserve the Cat in its special place in late 60's muscle cars !
Patrick@ 19:40 26-08-2015
Love your site, I use it regularly. Ive got a question you might be able to answer. I have a 69 XR7 "s" code car that hase an oval plate above the VIN plate with the number 9 and 751 underneath it. Ive had several people tell me its "special" but I can find anything about it. Any help would be great. I have it on Ebay and now Im wondering if Im short changing myself.
Replied on: 19:45 27-08-2015

Hello Patrick,

Thank you, I appreciate your interest in the site. It looks like a spacial car! Unfortunately I can't find information too. I have seen it only on rocky mountain cars. But you can order a sheet at The guys over there can tell you everything about your car. I think you can better wait to sell it, maby you have the holy grail ;-)

Let me know if you ask martiauto please, i'd like to know too what a special car it is!

Good Luck

Mike@ 00:34 19-08-2015
The last 2 pictures in the Schartman drag racing section are of my tribute car. It is not the original and intentionally has 1970 style rear marker lights to distinguish it. You can see more pictures of it with the actual Dyno Don Boss Cougar here:
Replied on: 19:48 27-08-2015

Hello Mike,

Thank you to let me know! Nice pictures!

Best regards
Ford Mercury Cougar XR7 team

Steve Gulyas@ 04:59 20-07-2015
Great website. I will keep it in my favorites. I have a 69 Cougar XR7. Bought it in 1977. I'm second owner. I've had it since I was 17. I completed it in 1985. I'm now 55. Now its time for a major face lift and makeover. Stay tuned.
Replied on: 20:02 23-07-2015

Hello S. Gulyas,

Thank you I will do my best to keep the site updated. Nice to hear you like the site and to hear you love the car so much that you will give it a new live. Let me now how the car is now and how the car looks if it is finished.

Good luck!

BERNARDO BRYLYNSKYI@ 03:54 20-07-2015
Dears, good morning.
I have a 1969 mercury cougar in Brazil, but has not the the dataplate decoder behind the door.
Can cause the manufactures get a copy of dataplate to replace the automobile?
Replied on: 19:53 23-07-2015


Yes, if you go to you can buy the dataplate and the order sheet.

I hope this will help you.

Arturo Angeles@ 20:53 30-05-2015
Cannot find a way to send photos !!!!!
Replied on: 20:49 10-06-2015

Hello A. Angeles,

I send you a e-mail to

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