Clayton@ 22:45 20-08-2011
You have a picture of my 1968 Calypso Coupe, circa 2001, sweet.
stan@ 18:03 07-06-2011
Would any parts be available from any of cars shown?
thanks for the help. Any one know of such for 1967 xr7
Tom@ 13:59 03-09-2010
Very nice site, lots of information !
keep up the good work !

i'm restoring a 70 XR7 at this moment, i hope to get it finished in 6 months from now ( been working on it for more then a year by now )

Greets from belgium
1BADCAT@ 02:02 23-07-2010
Great site, you should include a list of credits for where you got some of your pictures. i would like to have some for my collection and for my screen saver. I can see you not wanting to share your own personal pictures, but the ones you got from archives, books and other sources should be available for all to copy and share.
Leon@ 00:33 30-12-2009
Great site - lots of information

BTW - most people don't know that outside the US the Cougar was sold as a Ford Mercury Cougar
Ruud@ 18:54 22-12-2009
hoi, even een vraagje, heb een mercury cougar xr7 uit 68, er zit volgens het chassis nummer een 302 4v in, met 230 pk, maar voor mijn gevoel heeft hij veel meer pk, hoe kom ik er achter wat voor motor er precies in zit? op de motor vind ik alleen de nummers: 4j26 en d4de6015-aa
bij voorbaat hartelijk dank,

CougarmanJr@ 02:46 30-08-2009
I was surprized to see you have pictures of my cougar on here. They were from 1999 and all I have done is take the car apart trying to get it restored.
Kari@ 19:58 17-08-2009
Hi everybody . This is my cougar .
Ronnie@ 13:51 07-08-2009
Hi there, why do you write Ford Mercury???????
It is a Mercury not a Ford.
best regards Ronnie alias cougar69.
cranston harris@ 18:22 03-08-2009
Good Day
I have had A 69 XR7 for 10 years and been looking for a good source of information and I think I found it . My car has the Boss 302 and I have A 351 clev. in A box. The engine turns but the prev. owner pulled all the wires off and took the radiator out . I am going to fix this car but parts are a bear to find in my area not to mention the rust. I do believe I have an eliminator all the parts are on the car that as far as the hood scoop , the wing on the back and the tach. inside but with the help of this site I can now check the numbers. In closing Thank you for this site and keep up the hard work if I can help in any way let me know also I have an orginal set of mercury shop manuals for this car and engines if anyone needs something looked up feel free to ask Thank You C. Harris
Jeroen@ 21:50 18-06-2009
Mooie site, ziet er goed uit.
Ik zal een link maken op het Dutch FoMoCo forum zodat meerdere liefhebbers de site kunnen bezoeken.

Ook zal ik je site noemen in de volgende uitgave van het clubblad van de Mercury Club Nederland

Keep up the good work
Repe@ 21:18 19-05-2009
Thanks for very good Cougar pages, I just luckily bought a 1969 xr7 from California. Cat had few electrical problems but with help of this information those have been solved, so great thanks for getting this kind of page for common use. Cat moved from California to Finland, so it will be cold winter ahead.
Best wishes
Michel.@ 19:30 14-03-2009
He my brother,

Je site is groot geworden, ziet er goed uit.

Olaf@ 23:51 19-01-2009
Hey, fijne site. Ben net begonnen aan mn XR7 uit 69. Heb je toevallig nog tips of advies? Als je me even mailt dan stuur ik wel wat foto's door.

MVG, Olaf uit Limburg.
Bryan friend@ 14:36 13-01-2009
Hey Fred,
Love your site. Well put together. Lots of goood stuff. I own a 67 ZR7, Cardinal Red. It is presently being redone and should be back on the road by the end of March 2009.


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