B.G.Henry@ 15:05 02-08-2020
Hello from JAPAN.
69 Cougar Xr7 Cabriolet
Al@ 18:37 14-07-2020
Hi ,
Is the Calypso Cougar for Sale?
Thanks for a Answer.
Gerald A Wilson@ 13:33 03-03-2020
Hello, I am working on a 1967 project. Thank you for this wonderful website.
Replied on: 16:50 05-04-2020

Dear Gerald A Wilson,

Thank you! Good look with your project. It is possible to put your project story on the site with nice pictures to show if you want.

Randy Morrison@ 20:18 10-01-2020
Glad to have found this site. I have a 1973 Cougar XR7, Convertible, Copper. 351C, original 2 barrel; but somewhere along the way someone put on a 4 barrel. Have had it about 16 months now and am working my way through all the safety and reliability systems.
Replied on: 16:52 05-04-2020

Dear R. Morrison.

Glad to hear I could help with the information on this site. Good luck with your project!

Louis Franck@ 20:21 24-11-2019
I am in need of a passenger side Décor Basket Weave door panel for a 1968 Mercury Cougar. If anyone has one please contact me at [email protected]
Michael Bailey@ 18:07 10-01-2019
I have a 1969 Cougar sport special with the value package A all original 351 car for sale 703-791-3962
Doug Langston@ 14:06 25-11-2018
I recently bought a 1969 Cougar base coupe. It has factory speed control, with all components present, but is not working. I ordered the Bendix trouble shooting manual for it. How many 1969 Cougars were built with factory speed control?
Daniel E. Jennings@ 07:31 11-10-2018
Hello, great website by the way. What do you think about working on information on all the options for cougars. I am curious to what was available and when. Just for example when was the first rear spoilers available, 69? Thanks
Robert Morick@ 21:29 06-10-2018
Hallo, do you know a option the get the window sticker of my 69 Cougar? Specially the factory price would be interesting to know.
Replied on: 13:42 07-10-2018

Hello Robert,

Try to look on

CHAD HEIBEL@ 15:59 30-08-2018
Steve Frantz@ 02:16 16-10-2017
I went to an estate sale this weekend that listed a 428 cj eliminator for sale. The address would not be released till 8A.M. I got their at 8:15 the car was an M code car not an R code so I was skeptical about it even being a Eliminator after getting into a bidding war with another guy over the car. I bought it. It was a big block 4 speed car. I came home and started researching eliminators to see if it was even a real eliminator. after I came across you website I read your article about Bill Veach and the other women #299 I was curious if my vin# was any were close to his. So I got the title out and compared vin numbers. I was Stunned to find out I just bout car # 299 the Other women. vin # 9F91M565884 Bill Veach's old car. It would be great if I could get in touch with him. Thanks, Steve
Replied on: 20:23 16-10-2017

Hello Stave,

Gread nieuws to read! if you like i can put some pic of the car on this site? how the car is now.

Terry Herron@ 19:26 16-05-2017
I have a 67 cougar with a 390, C6 automatic, factory air, tilt swing away steering column. Mine is not a GT. How rare is this particular car? Any idea how many were equipped like mine?
Replied on: 20:28 16-10-2017

Hello Terry,

You, can go to you can buy the order sheet. Then you know everything.

Terry DuMond@ 23:17 26-02-2017
I have a 1968 Cougar vin # is 8F91S549055 Door plate from What i can see is 65A 2K 06C 84 5U. any help would be much appreciated. i am starting the restoration process this spring. need to figure exactly what it is been told there is something special about it. having a hard time with #s and explanations Thanks
Replied on: 20:27 16-10-2017

Hello Terry,

You, can go to you can buy the order sheet. Then you know everything

Ford Mercury Cougar@ 18:04 01-01-2017
Happy new year in 2017

Gelukkig nieuw jaar en een goed 2017

Mercury Cougar XR7
Kind regards,
The Ford Mercury Cougar team.
Glen@ 15:31 22-10-2016
I've restored lots of Fords and Mercurys over the past 45 years but this is my first Cougar. It's a nice '69 XR7 convertible. This will be my first attempt at troubleshooting sequential taillights which at the moment aren't working correctly. I was wondering when your sequential taillight repair section will be up and running again. Thanks for any help. Glen

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