Elver Robbins@ 18:57 12-08-2014
I have a family friend that wants to get rid of a 1972 Cougar VIN 2F91H554113. I have not seen teh car but from what I understand, it hasn't been driven for years and the drivers side rear quarter is damaged.
It's got most if not all of the original parts, including hubcaps. The body has a partial vinyl roof and it was repainted black from the original gold color.

I checked out the VIN decoder and it has the base 351. Not sure about the transmission.

The car is located in SE Washington state if anyone is interested and she wants to sell it complete.

CCLARKE@ 23:07 02-08-2014
Hi ,

I have a cougar im restoring its vin number is 9R93M50820. how can I get more info from ViN
Replied on: 21:30 10-08-2014

Hello Cclarke,

You can find information in Vin Decoder. If you want more information contact Marti reports

Emery Schroeder@ 06:44 14-07-2014
I've had my '69 XR7 since 1983, hasn't been on the road since '86 or '87. I've had it stored mostly indoors, I am finally financially able to start getting ready to get it back on the road! I brought it back than from a used car dealer and don't really know alot about it. I was told I was the third owner and it was all original and the mileage was actual at 46,xxx, I never really drove it much at the odometer still reads under 50,000. Where and how is the best place to learn about my cat and where is a good place to find parts? I haven't started on it yet, but I'm sure I'm going to replacing a lot of stuff! Thank you.
Basil Moncrief@ 01:27 28-06-2014
Great site! Fantastic! I have a 1967 Cougar XR-7 GT.
Replied on: 18:04 15-08-2014

Thank you

Sean@ 13:12 27-06-2014
Talk about unusual, i was browsing the cougar wrecks (1968 1), and low and behold, the red/orange cougar with the yellow lightning bolt (vin 8r91j523447) is my car!! i am currently restoring it in san diego, it is now powered by a dual quad 363 stroker and a 5 speed. gotta love the merc's! also the proud owner of a '69 boss 302 eliminator, a '90 factory supercharged XR7, and an '83 capri RS 5.0. cool site!
Replied on: 18:12 15-08-2014

Hello Sean,

If your car is finisht let me know. I love to
put some pictures on my site.

Walt@ 22:52 23-06-2014
No Cougar in my collection at this time. I am looking for something special. I like your site!
Replied on: 18:14 15-08-2014

Good luck to find a nice Cougar.

Thank you.

Dino DiGrazia@ 21:20 13-06-2014
Do you sell any of the parts for sequential turn signals or have a place to direct me to.

justin@ 10:20 13-06-2014
was wondering if any of the 67-68 cougar was forsale ?
if so send me a email i have a donor to start on one lookin for one that may need floor pans even hood just rolling chassie with maybe none or some surface rust! $1000-$2000
Replied on: 18:18 15-08-2014

Sorry, there are no cars for sale

Roger @ 06:11 27-05-2014
Hello I m a owner from a 69 Couger XR7. I need a new carburetor. Wanted me to buy a Edelbrock what I should take for a best. ?.
Have a 351 W4 engine.

Thanks for your help
Replied on: 18:33 15-08-2014

Hello Roger,

Edelbrock is a very good brand. I don't no what type of carburetor you can choose best, I think if you e-mail Edelbrock whith the specifications of your car they can help you finding a good carburetor for your Mercury Cougar.

Good luck!

David @ 04:43 19-05-2014
Dear Sir,

Good Day ,

Our company specializes in power steering control valve and cylinders of the classic car.

They apply to the Corvette and Mustang. There are some picture in the attachment .

If you are insterested, please let me know .

Thank you very much .

Best regards .


QingDao Darun Power Techonogy Co., Ltd
Adress:Room1017 Building NO.3, NO.689 Qingshan Road Licang District Qingdao City Shangdong Province
Russell Johnson@ 01:15 06-04-2014
Owner of a 1969 XR-7, 428CJ Q-Code, Triple Black.
kjell egil waaler@ 00:18 18-03-2014
I have a 67 xr7manual tree speed. the car has bin in the american ambassadorservice to 1982. I am ovners nr 3. I wonder how meny cars with this spesial thing bin sold ?
l. jONES@ 21:20 04-03-2014
Need location of the VIN number on my 1972 Mercury Cougar.Has after market dash and plate on drivers door is damaged. Where would the number be engraved on the car? Thanks
Kym@ 04:55 24-01-2014
Hi, just recentley bought a 1970 couger XR7 ( Yes in Aussi they were sold as a FORD MERCERY COUGER) can any one tell me what the plate id means?
OF93H521*** 65B K 124
Robert Pittman@ 01:37 09-01-2014
Hi. Love this website. Keep up the great work.

I have a 68 XR7 GT and you have shed a great deal of light on this model.

It started life in Vancouver, British Columbia and has made its way all across Canada to beautiful St. John's, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Thanks so much!

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